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One of my favorite pastimes is camping. Growing up my family and I would spend as much time as we could camping. We would try to make it out to Yellowstone once a year; I would have to say that West Yellowstone and Jackson Hole are my two favorite cities to visit. Naturally as a tourist you need to shop for souvenirs. This is when I bought my first knife. I can’t remember how old I was but I’m thinking I was around 8 years old or so. The knife wasn’t anything great, simply a slip joint keychain folder with 2 small blades and “Yellowstone” printed on the side, I still have it to this day. Like I said nothing fancy but to a kid this knife was flat out amazing. I would whittle, cut open boxes, and pretty much use it for whatever my parents would deem appropriate. Obviously my mom wasn’t exactly thrilled about my purchase but she soon got over that fact once we had some ground rules established. I knew that it wasn’t a toy and that it was my responsibility to make sure that I didn’t hurt myself or others with it, so I took great care of my knife and new found love for knives. Over the years started to add more knives to my collection, before I turned 18 the standing rule was that I couldn’t get a knife with a blade over 4” just to try and stay as safe as possible. That pretty much kept me away from some of the crazy fixed blades that can be found today, however there was limitless possibilities in the world of folders and spring assist knives. During the 90’s the subject of automatic knives was pretty taboo, so I didn’t really get into those at the time. Today I have a vast assortment of knives, fixed blades, folders, spring assist, auto, OTF you name it I have one. I even have a set of knives from the Chronicles of Riddick, though as cheese ball as it sounds I couldn’t help it on that purchase. My main focus on a knife purchase is that of functionality, when I look at a knife to buy I want to be able to use it, yes I have a few that sit up on a shelf but that is because I have more than enough to satisfy my  EDC addiction for the time being. My purpose with writing these is to try and help people who are looking for a decent budget knife see what makes that particular knife a good choice. Whether the knife is for you or not I leave for you to decide. Happy hunting.



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