Bradley Kimura VIII


The Kimura series is super popular over here at Grindworx, and we just got another new Kimura in! If you haven’t seen the Kimura VIII yet, you should definitely check it out. It basically has all the same specs as the Kimura VII with just a couple of exceptions; the new version weighs slightly more (.25 oz. more, to be exact), and it has a spear point blade instead of the clip point that you find on the Kimura VII. As you find in all Kimura butterfly knives, the Kimura VIII has great action for a great price.

If you want to save even a bit more money, we also currently have some Kimura VIII butterfly knives that are marked as blemished models. These knives may have small imperfections and don’t come with a box or warranty, but they are currently sold for about $15 less than the brand new Kimura VIII. I’m told, however, that most of these blemished models look brand new and typically only have small blemishes, if any.

A couple of other things to note on these blemished models: they are marked with” XXXX” on the blade, and they cannot be returned.

Be sure to check out the Kimura VIII at Grindworx!


    • As of right now we do not have any in stock. But feel free to add your email to the list and we will notify you as soon as they are available.

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